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Microelectronic Circuit Design Group3D Amplifier

The MCDG was founded in 1991. The main research area of the Group is integrated circuit design for radio-frequency applications. Particularly, we are involved in the design of LNAs, mixers, image-rejection mixers, VCO's and integrated filters for wireless applications using bipolar, CMOS and BiCMOS technologies.

Extensive research on the detailed characterization of integrated inductors and transformers on Si substrates has been performed and led to the development of SISP. The usage of SISP allows for the safe inclusion of inductors in custom IC designs operating at RF or even IF. New silicon inductor structures with increased L and Q values have also been proposed based on the simulation results.

Continuous-time integrated filter design is another major activity of our Group. Various state-of-the-art filtering VLSI architectures have been developed, addressing a diversity of signal-processing functions and covering a frequency span from DC to RF. Presently, the Group's research interest is placed in low-power filter techniques at VHF, to aim single-chip solutions for personal communication stations where power consumption is critical.

The Group's record holds numerous developed ICs in CMOS, Bipolar and BiCMOS technologies, in areas of application such as telecommunications, automatic control and signal processing. Substantial research effort has also been allocated to the modeling of the MOSFET device, with the development of novel MOS structures and the evaluation of transistor models for simulators.


Laboratory Infrastructure
The contemporary and complete lab instrument setup enables us to carry out RF circuits measurements and passive devices characterization.

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